Different Types of Full Lace Wigs

Full lace wig is one luxury lace wigs among all kinds of wigs,it is popular for its natural looks and comfortable feeling.As all hair are tied to the lace by hand,and with a section of elastic at top.which can enhance the strength of the whole lace construction.

The new full lace wig with a strap at black so you can change the size to meet different heads.

If you are new in full lace wig, knowing different types is important before choose a right wig for yourself.

Full lace wigs are expensive compared with other wigs,choosing a wrong wig will waste your money,it is better to know more about it before ordering.This article will introduce the types of wigs from different types.

Cap Construction

Traditional Full Lace Wig is with full lace without the elastic at top,it is comfortable cap construction while you can not adjust the size.and it is easy to break the lace,in order to add the strength of the lace,we design a new full lace wig cap,which means add one section of elastic at the top.

In order to meed request from the wig beginner, we create the Glueless Full Lace Wig,this wig with a elastic strap,which can fix the wig in your head,so don’t need to use glue onto it.it is friendly for both wig beginner or wig using regular.

Silk Top Full Lace Wig is another kind of luxury full lace wig,this kind of wig with silk at top to create a fake scalp,and much more realistic than other lace wigs.The silk section has mini net you even don’t find compared with regular lace net.

Hair Material

Most of full lace wigs are made of 100% human hair,very few made of synthetic hair or blended hair.Human hair full lace wigs will last more than 6 months while the synthetic hair full lace wigs last less than 3 months,so you will find it is not economical to create full lace wigs with synthetic fiber.

If you hesitate in choosing wigs material,highly recommend the 100% human hair full laced wigs for you.

Hair Texture

For hair textures, there are many for choice,such as straight,bob, body wave,deep wave,w ater wave, kinky curl,kinky straight and etc. In which the popular are body wave, straight, kinky straight and kinky curl.

You can choose different hair texture according to your styles, a right hair texture can improve your entire image.

Hair Length

Concerning the hair wigs length,you can choose from the short.,medium and long hair. The short wigs are usually refer the 10 inch and 12 inch wigs, the medium wigs are 14 and 16 inch wigs, the long hair wigs are the wigs longer than 18 inch.

If you prefer wave wigs,high recommend the long hair wigs,if you prefer short wigs, bob wig or straight maybe a better choice.

Hair Color

There are more than 15 kinds of colors for choice from black,brown, blonde and colorful wigs. Most of african american women prefer natural black hair wigs whether in straight,wavy or curly.

Another popular color for black women is the blonde, a part of black women like the 613 blonde wigs,which is the highlight for them.

Choosing a right wig,you should consider the wig material, cap construction, length,color textures. These elements can affect a wig quality and appearance on the wearer.