How To Choose Fancy Lingerie For Your Body Type

How To Choose Fancy Lingerie For Your Body Type

Choosing the right lingerie helps enhance your figure. Whether you are planning for a sexy photoshoot or simply want to feel confident, it is essential to get lingerie for your body type.

You must be familiar with an “hourglass figure,” but that’s not the only body type out there. Before choosing the right Star Wars lingerie for yourself, figure out your body type first. It will make your lingerie shopping so much easier.

Hourglass Body Type

If you have got that classic “36-24-36” figure, you will want lingerie that accentuates your already stunning physique. With hips and shoulders of equal width and a slim waist, almost anything looks fabulous on this body type.

However, for an extra touch of allure, consider teddies, garter belts, and corsets. A lace bra, and high-waisted panties or thong panties also work great. If you want something more comfortable, go for hipster panties or boyshorts paired with a wireless bra.

Triangle Body Type

When you have a triangle body, your hips are broader than your shoulders. The goal is to create a more balanced appearance. Opt for a lacy negligee with a well-fitting balconette bra that emphasizes the bust and gracefully flows around the hips.

A bustier shapewear is also an excellent choice to focus attention on your chest. Experiment with a matching set featuring a strapless bra and seamless panties, or bikini panties with a ruffled bra.

Rectangle Body Type

If you have an athletic physique and lack well-defined curves, you likely have a rectangular body. This means you need a lingerie that cinches at the waist.

For rectangle body shape, corsets are a go-to option. They not only add curves but also exude sensuality. For those with a longer torso, you should opt for teddies or garter belts. To accentuate your bust, consider a sports bra or a push-up bra along with a bustier to enhance your overall appeal.

Selecting the right lingerie for your body type can make a significant difference in how you look and feel. It doesn’t matter what your body type is, there are lingerie options for everyone.