Interesting Facts About the Engagement Rings That You Didn’t Know

Is your big day coming near? Having the feeling that your heart is pounding faster than usual while you picturise the moment? The moment where he’s kneeling down with a ring in his hand. Everything seems to be very ecstatic. But what takes the centre stage is that small diamond ring that’s been specially curated for you. These rings are special and have a history of their own. So, here in this article, we will be uncovering some facts about these most-loved rings. 

The history of diamond rings

Some people believe that the idea of engagement rings dates back to ancient times. This concept apparently started with the Ancient Egyptians. They had the belief that this gem was supposed to be worn on the finger that had a vein connected straight to one’s heart. Though, the first documented proof of engagement rings is found in 15th century. So, this is how the tradition of wearing engagement rings came into being.

The most expensive diamond ring in the world

The most expensive diamond ring on the planet is known to be the Blue Diamond Ring, which was sold back in 2013 for around $9.49 million. This clearly indicates the love people have for diamonds.

Key months of the year

You might have thought that the best time to gift someone an engagement ring is the Valentine’s month. But surprisingly, most engagements happen in the month of December. This makes sense though. The atmosphere around December turns out to be very magical and mystical, owing to the Christmas and the New Year. It is when people open differently and think about things with a new perspective.

How people wear the engagement rings?

The most common notion is that everyone wears the engagement ring in the similar way. But this is not true. It actually varies. The people belonging to the USA, Canada or France wear the ring on their left ring finger, while people from Russia and India prefer wearing it on their right finger.

Popular ring types

The most appreciated diamond ring is the round cut diamond. However, the princess cut diamond is also highly acknowledged. Gold and platinum are used as the most common ring band metals.

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