Level Up Your Wardrobe With Vibrant Indo-Western Print Dresses

Despite the massive cultural differences, the fashion industry took a leap of faith by merging the two cultures with their staple clothes to build an outfit that pleased the masses. It took them by storm in the market at large. “Only” has a vast array of indo-western options to choose from and make an ensemble at any party or social gathering at great prices with such quality that never misses. In other words, Indo-Western is a style genre that is an assimilation of two different styles, Western and Eastern. The sophistication of indo-western dresses is astronomical since they are perfect as formal wear for any ethnic occasion, parties, birthdays, weddings, and more. 

The Indo-Western fashion genre is brimming with styles, prints, and patterns in colors beyond the rainbow. Having some of those in the collection will truly brighten things up in your wardrobe.

So let’s go over some indo-western prints from ONLY that will surely turn heads.

Indo-Western Dresses For Women:

  1. Some prints, embellishments, and embroidery work under indo-western wear consist of zari work, mirror work,  gota patti, etc., with embellishments like sequins, beads, and appliques.
  2. Jumpsuits with intricate designs come in a variety of fabrics as well that are perfect for any occasion, be it vacation, party, social engagements, weddings, etc. A way to make it even more exciting is with jewelry, chunky earrings (tops or jhumkas), or just one chunky necklace and bracelets or bangles to bling it up.
  3. Denim Dresses are also a good pick for the wardrobe if you want to rock the denim but still want to maintain a level of ethnicity and modesty. Long denim kurtis became the new hype not too long ago, followed by pairings of denim jeans with other ethnic wear such as a simple short kurti paired with jeans, Anarkalis and denim jeans, and denim jeans could also be paired with long Indian shrugs (and yes, they too are very common indo-western items) and statement jewelry. One can let their imagination run wild with a nice pair of denim jeans.
  4. A bodycon dress is one dress that is made to impress. It also has its place in the indo-western genre with designs ranging from simple to striped, intricately designed, sequined, dual-coloured, multi-coloured, and more, making it an overall ideal item for a night out or a date. Your date will certainly be impressed!
  5. Midi Dresses for girls. Yes, even little ones have their share of being up-to-date with today’s fashion trends. Long dresses, one-pieces, kurtis, long kurtis, and jumpsuits, all the colors of and beyond the rainbow, are open to all little girls. At a tender age, little girls will appreciate exploring the vast ocean of fashion and clothes to learn and develop a certain sense of style. 


In the end, everyone has their style. “Only” has some of the largest collections of indo-western wear for everyone to explore and try at great prices with such quality that’s worth every penny. With “ONLY”, we can be fabulous ensembles.