Real Turquoise Jewelry: Guide On How To Identify The Real Turquoise Jewelry

In the world of gemstones, turquoise holds a special place for its captivating blue-green hues and unique patterns. However, with the increasing demand for real turquoise jewelry, there has been a surge in imitations flooding the market. This guide aims to equip you with the knowledge to distinguish authentic turquoise from its imitators.

 Let’s delve into the intricacies of identifying real turquoise jewelry.

Understanding Turquoise: A Brief Overview

Turquoise is a hydrated phosphate mineral composed mainly of copper and aluminum. Its color spectrum ranges from sky blue to green, often with marbling or veining patterns caused by its formation process. This gemstone has been cherished for centuries and has deep cultural significance in various civilizations.

Assessing Color and Hue

Real turquoise exhibits a range of blue and green stones, with the most prized specimens displaying a vibrant, even coloration. Look for stones with minimal discoloration, as this may indicate impurities or treatment. Avoid pieces that are too vivid or unnaturally uniform, as they could be synthetic.

Examining Texture and Matrix

Authentic turquoise jewelry often possesses a distinctive matrix, which is the host rock within the gem. This matrix can be web-like, spotted, or even resemble fine spider webbing. It’s a testament to the natural formation of the stone. Imitations, on the other hand, may have a uniform appearance lacking this intricate matrix.

Assessing Hardness and Density

Turquoise has a moderate hardness of 5 to 6 on the Mohs scale. This means it can be scratched by harder substances like quartz but can scratch materials like glass. Additionally, real turquoise tends to be denser than its imitations. Hold the piece and assess its weight; genuine turquoise will feel heavier compared to synthetic materials.

Conducting a Streak Test

A simple yet effective test involves examining the stone’s streak. Gently rub the turquoise against an unglazed ceramic tile. The resulting streak should be pale blue or green, confirming its authenticity. Be cautious with this test and ensure you have permission if the piece is valuable.

Performing a UV Light Test

Under ultraviolet light, real turquoise jewelry may exhibit a faint green or blue fluorescence. While this test can be indicative, it’s important to note that not all genuine turquoise will fluoresce, as it depends on the specific mineral content.

Seek Professional Appraisal

When in doubt, consulting a certified gemologist or jeweler experienced in turquoise is invaluable. Their expertise and specialized tools can provide a definitive assessment of your piece.

Consider Origin and Mine

Authentic turquoise often has a documented origin, indicating the specific mine it was sourced from. Mines in regions like Arizona, Nevada, and New Mexico are renowned for producing high-quality turquoise. Researching the origin can provide valuable insights into the authenticity of your piece.

Examine for Imitation Treatments

Some turquoise undergoes treatments to enhance its color or stability. These treatments can include dyeing, stabilization with resin, or reconstituting small pieces into larger ones. Thoroughly examine the piece for any signs of treatment, as this can affect its authenticity.

Trust Reputable Sources

Purchasing turquoise from reputable and established sources significantly reduces the risk of acquiring an imitation. Established jewelers and dealers often have a vested interest in selling genuine gemstones and can provide certificates of authenticity.

Conclusion: The Value of Genuine Turquoise

In a market flooded with imitations, being able to identify real and buy turquoise jewelry is an invaluable skill. Remember to consider color, matrix, hardness, origin, and treatments, and seek professional advice when needed. Armed with this knowledge, you can confidently invest in and appreciate the true beauty of genuine turquoise jewelry. Embrace its rich history and cultural significance as you adorn yourself with this timeless gemstone.