The Right Way to Put on a Bra

Wearing a bra is not an option instead a daily ritual for several women. This may be a daily ritual, but a majority of the female population are never formally groomed on how to wear a bra correctly. Whether you are new to the world of bras or have been wearing them for years, it is significant to know the right way to put on a bra for women

To put an end to all wrong practices of wearing a bra, we have custom-designed a guide that will take you through the steps to ensure you get the ultimate comfort and support from your lingerie, making your daily routine a breeze.

Step#1 Select the Right Bra

Before you learn how to put on a bra, it’s important to explore which is the right bra for the day. This is what you can prioritize while picking your bra first thing in the morning.

Measure Yourself: Get professionally fitted or measure yourself using a measuring tape with the help of an online calculator to know your correct bra size. Your body can change over time, so it’s a good idea to evaluate your size regularly.

Understand Your Needs: Different attires and activities may require different types of bras. Make sure you have a variety of bras in your lingerie collection, such as T-shirt bras, seamless bras, and special occasion bras, to meet your specific needs.

Invest in Quality: Invest in well-made bras with comfortable materials and a good fit like the best quality lingerie at the Wacoal, as they tend to provide better support and durability.

Choosing the right bra can take a couple of additional minutes at the start of the day, but they are crucial as you no longer have to wear an uncomfortable bra all day long.

Step#2 Prepare Your Bra

Once you have selected the right bra, it is time to learn how to wear it. Follow these steps to wear your bra correctly every morning:

Fasten the Hooks: The first step is to fasten your bra on the loosest hook when you first purchase it. With time when the bra stretches, you can move to the tighter hooks for a better fit.

Adjust the Straps: Tighten or loosen the straps based on your comfort level and the outfit you are wearing such that the straps are of the same length on both sides.

Evaluate the Cups: Ensure that the cups fit your bust properly and adjust them if necessary to enjoy the comfort.

Step#3 Put on the Bra

Now, let us get into the actual process of putting on a bra the right way:

Lean Forward: Lean forward a bit while you bend at your waist. Allow your busts to fit seamlessly into the bra cups.

Slip on the Straps: While still in the same position, slide your arms through the straps one at a time as your breasts settle properly within the cups.

Stand Up Straight: Stand up and straighten your posture. This will ensure that the bra is in its correct position on your back.

Step#4 Alter as Per Your Comfort

Do not rush to wear your top, instead ensure to make final adjustments for maximum comfort and support.

Adjust the Straps: Check the straps again as they should be snug but not tight enough to leave marks on your shoulders. You should be able to fit two fingers comfortably underneath them.

Check the Band: Make sure the band is parallel to the ground and sits low on your back. If the band is riding up or feels uncomfortable, it might be too tight. In case of a tight band, you can attach a bra extender or purchase a bra with a larger band size.

Center the Cups: Check that the cups are properly centered on your breasts. Adjust them if needed for a symmetrical fit.

Smooth Out the Underwire: The right bra fit is said when the underwire sits flat against your ribcage and encircles your breasts. Make sure that it is not digging into your skin, in case of such an instance, check your bra size or purchase another bra. 

Step#5 Final Touches

Once your bra is comfortably in place, you are all set for the finishing touches:

Check for Comfort: Raise your arms, move around, and bend over to ensure that your bra remains comfortable and supportive throughout your daily activities.

Adjust as Needed: During the day if you feel discomfort feel free to make minor adjustments as necessary.

Wear Properly Fitting Clothing: Make sure you are wearing attire that complements your properly fitted bra, as the right outfit can enhance both your comfort and appearance.

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