Trending Tops for Women to Look Bold & Beautiful

Every woman’s wardrobe is always full of tops and tees. Even if you have enough, you always crave more. No matter how many tops you have, you search for more to glam up your attire. 

There are many different types of tops for women. From the regular women’s top, you can have the fitted front, voluminous styles, crop tops, hipsters, and various options to fill your wardrobe. The variety of the top is overwhelming, and therefore, you must consider your style. 

If you are also interested in participating in the latest fashion trend in tops, here is a list of trending ones. 

Different Types of Trending Tops for Women

  • Crop Tops

Crop Tops are the best to flaunt your curves. You can pair this versatile top with skirts, jeans, and shorts. It is a casual top, so you can wear it to work and play for both events. The crop top has a loose, flowing style that makes it comfortable for hours. If you like to wear short tops that are not too revealing, crop tops are the best choice. Its length falls about mid-calf, and you can comfortably wear it on casual days. 

  • Tube Tops

It is one of the most versatile tops for women. You can style it in many ways. It can be combined with almost anything. You can style your tube top with any jacket or sweater for a stylish look. It offers an explicit shape to the body and looks very nice on a well-toned body. 

  • Tunic Tops

These are loose-fitting women’s tops with a silhouette like short Indian Kurtis. You can wear them on both formal and casual occasions. Style it with the right accessories, like sandals or boots, to look strikingly good-looking.  These are also very versatile and can be styled with anything. You can wear a tunic top without bottoms for a casual look. You can also dress it up with a belt and boots for an exquisite look. 

  • Tank Tops

These are semi-fitting tops with narrow stripes of straps. Tank tops are the most demanding tops for women in the hot summer months. You can style them with skirts, denim jeans, and shorts for the hot summer look. During winter, you can layer them with sweaters and jackets for an elegant look. 

  • Wrap Tops

These are the most versatile ones that can be easily paired for various occasions. It is wrapped around the body and tied with a tie or zipper. It is very popular among women due to its body-hugging capabilities. They can be easily adjusted to form a perfect fit for the body. The wearer can adjust the knot and tie it until she finds it comfortable. 


As there are many different types of tops for women, you must select the most comfortable and best-suited one. Check out the wide range of Vero Moda’s collections of tops for women. Choose the right style for your body type and showcase your glitz.