What Are the Side Effects of Laser Treatments? A Must Know

Laser treatments are very safe, whether it is for skin resurfacing, pigmentation reduction or laser hair removal. Laser treatments, when performed by a qualified technician, can provide long-term solutions for skin issues such as pigmentation, hair removal, and more. There are always side effects to any treatment. Understanding them can help you identify any issues early.

Minor Side Effects

The side effects of laser treatments are usually minor, regardless of whether they are laser treatment for hair removal, or skin treatment. When your treatment is performed by a qualified professional, they are rare and easy to fix.

  • Minor Redness – this is a harmless but common side effect that can last several months or even longer in more severe cases.
  • Mild itching –The skin treated may be swollen or itchy. This is most common when a skin condition is aggravated.
  • Pigmentation changes – In certain cases, you might experience changes in the pigmentation of treated areas, such as the darkening or whitening of the area. This occurs more often in people with darker skin. This may be a temporary or long-term effect, depending on the type of laser used.
  • Crusting – Crusting can be a minor but annoying side effect from laser treatment. If not treated properly, it may cause scarring or scabbing. Avoiding the sun and treating the skin like a sunburn can help prevent the crusting or scarring from becoming worse.
  • Eye Injuries – A qualified and well-trained professional takes every precaution to protect their clients. However, eye protection is essential to prevent any injury. Lasers are very powerful and can cause serious damage if they are used incorrectly, especially when working on your face.
  • Minor infection – Laser treatments can damage or destroy hair follicles. This may lead to an infection if the area is not properly cared for after the treatment. The area should be treated as if it were a wound. It must be kept clean and moisturised to avoid dryness.

Rare Side Effects

Side effects are rare and usually resolved by themselves, or with simple treatments. However, some are considered major in comparison. Here are some of the rarest side effects, from burns and infections to eyelid effects.

  • Blistering and Burns – If laser hair removal and laser treatments are not done correctly, there is a risk of blistering and burning. It is possible for them to occur if you are being treated by an experienced, well-trained practitioner, but it’s rare. To prevent burns or the effects of heat on your skin, practitioners will use a cooling device prior to the treatment.
  • Scarring – Although scarring is rare, it can occur due to incorrect or inadvertent use of laser devices. It is important that you adhere to all instructions given by your practitioner regarding aftercare.
  • Major infection – Major infections are rarer, but not impossible. Heat from the laser may exacerbate underlying infections, such as herpes (which can cause cold sores). When the skin is not properly cared for after the treatment or if burns are left untreated, a major infection can occur.
  • Ectropion – Ectropion can be caused by lasers used near the lower eyelid. If you experience this side effect, talk to your practitioner about the next steps.
  • Change in Skin Texture – If you’ve recently used a tanner or spent time tanning outdoors, you could be at an increased risk for changes in skin texture after laser treatment.

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