Why A Wig Is Never Just A Wig

Some women wear wigs for fun; either they’re dressing up for an event or maybe they want to experiment with a new style or colour without the commitment, and that’s perfectly alright. But for women dealing with medical hair loss, a wig can be something that helps give them the confidence to continue with their lives. In many cases, it is quite literally a lifesaver.

Fortunately, if you’re a woman who has recently begun to experience hair loss and are seeking to explore your options when it comes to custom wigs, there are some incredible wig stores you can visit for free advice and guidance, plenty of support, and plenty of choices. Places where you will never be judged and where everyone understands and respects the fact that a wig is never just a wig.

Wigs for women with medical hair loss

Once you’ve found a custom wig that perfectly suits your face shape, looks entirely natural, and is comfortable to wear, you can stop worrying about your hair loss and get on with living your life. The right wig can make you feel happy about looking in the mirror again, stepping out in style, and warding off insensitive folks who may choose to comment upon your hair loss or make you feel unattractive and awkward.

That said, it’s also worth remembering that a wig won’t solve a medical hair loss condition, but it can give women the strength, confidence, and determination to carry on in what can often feel like a cruel, judgmental world.

Finding the right wig

The right wig is crucial to how it can make you look and feel, and as many women prefer not to announce to the world that they’re losing their hair (or have lost it), finding a natural-looking wig that closely resembles your own hair is essential.

When you visit a wig store specializing in custom and human hair wigs, you should find someone there who can help you go through the options until you find a match, or several! They will match you up in terms of your own hair colour and texture and find a wig that meets your personal needs, reflects your lifestyle, and represents the image you want to present to the world.

Custom wig fitting

A wig has to look good; that’s a given, but what’s the use of looking great if you feel uncomfortable wearing it? An ill-fitting or cheap wig can feel itchy on your scalp, doesn’t stay in one place, and can make you feel awkward and unnatural.

Visiting a custom wig store and having your head measured for a human hair wig will ensure that the cap—the piece of wig that is in direct contact with your scalp—fits snugly and comfortably and prevents the wig from moving around when worn.

You’ll also find a wig (and cap) that is soft enough to accommodate a tender and sensitive scalp, such as may be experienced by women following chemotherapy or other types of medical treatment. For those with hair beginning to grow back, a lightweight, soft wig will help stop any itching on the scalp.

All good wig shops recognize and respect the fact that a wig is never just a wig and will help you find a natural-fitting one that you can wear with pride, wherever you are and whoever you are.